2004 Catalogue
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2004 Acquisitions


Anne Ryan. Curator: Drawings, Water Colours and Prints at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.


“A strong sense of narrative binds all works and is a common thread in those chosen”


'Woman in Hat', Annette Brumby
“ Not initially attractive but the more you look at it the more the sense of the underlying structure and form of the subject and her life is revealed.
Based on a sustained observation of a Real Subject in Real Life.
A fine drawing with strong line to the figure”
'Carbon Group II', Jon Cattapan
“Considered work that is energetic and dynamic Elements from contemporary urban living.
Brings across very strongly the essence of modern urban life by use of “medium” and type of information (figures from the media). These are signature concerns of artist.
Technique unique and sophisticated in its realization .”
'Paperclip Man', Rita Lazauskas
“Constructed narrative, toys in a domestic setting thus very personal and intimate.
Paperclip man in a great adventure, nicely observed, a great drawing.
Great composition (we enter the drawing from the same perspective as the person putting the tableau together)
A Narrative is happening you want to know more about Paperclip man.”
'Billowing Tree', Tania Mason
“Very “filmic” a la Hitchcock.
“burning bush” “gone with the wind” Tree pulled out of its context (Like close focus in a film)
Gothic, a sense of movement, suspense and apprehension, not just a tree.”
'Remembering', Linda Nankervis
“The artist is responding to the landscape
A grand landscape “monumentalized” from something which could have been quite small.
Lots of visual interest.
You feel like your eye is traveling through the landscape.”
'The Restoration', Nafisa Naomi
“Fine rendering of ropes, hose, buckets etc but also a history of the vessel expressed as craft on hand made paper (Machines not yet involved when James Craig in existence)
Pen and ink with hatching is a classical way of traditional illustration reinforcing the idea of the “age” craft, restoration, hand made.”

2003 Acquisitions

Comments by Mr Hendrik Kolenberg about the exhibition and selected works


“….an auspicious beginning to this new drawing event…..extremely positive response and quality of entries…….other drawings than those selected were very worthy…”


Denis Clarke ‘St Peters, Factory Wall' - Study II
“ …fine cohesively realised drawing with subtle feeling for space….one of two outstanding drawings in this exhibition by this artist……simple, resolved, sublte, restrained…..”
Susanna Chen Chow ‘By the Water’
“….a good example of direct drawing….spontaneous, energetic, true feeling of changing weather, gives the feeling of a real place…”
Peter Griffen “Above Thredbo”
“…a convincing, highly competent fine work, gives the feeling of what the artist has seen, the summation of an experience or memory of the artist…”
Sue McDonald “Landscape with yellow ochre”
“…the abstraction of a real experience, subtle, restrained, will gradually reveal its qualities more and more over time…”


Jude Fleming ‘Metropolis Walk’
“ an arresting work of very high quality”
Alan McClure ‘Better than watching TV’
“ another very interesting work of high quality…very original..”